The court's Pretrial Services (PTS) Program screens defendants for consideration by the court for release prior to trial.  PTS interviews and investigates all defendants arrested in Monroe County and makes recommendations to the judiciary regarding release at all first appearances and bond reduction hearings.  The program also supervises defendants who have pretrial release conditions imposed by the court.  The defendant is required to comply with these conditions of the court, which are designed to insure the defendant's appearance at court hearings and to protect the physical safety of the community.  Such conditions include reporting to the program by phone or in person, submitting to drug testing, prohibiting contact with victims, etc.  PTS also administers a compliance/failure to appear unit and is responsible for monitoring the status of all pretrial defendants who remain incarcerated.  The program has twice been recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, for its enhancements.


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Contact Information

TitleStaffContact Information Email
Main Pretrial Services Line

Office: 305.295.3900  OR 305.294.7288

Fax: 305.295.3905
Director of Criminal Court Services
Duane Triplett
Office: 305.292.3549
Manager Pretrial Services
Scott Wiles
Office: 305.295.3903
Pretrial Services Officer
Lakay Barnett
Office: 305.295.3902
Pretrial Services Officer
Sanat Baratov
Office: 305.295.3640
Pretrial Services Officer
Vanessa BeerbowerOffice: 305.292.3499
Pretrial Services Officer
Todd Lambertus
Office: 305.292.3497
Pretrial Services Officer
Manny MartinezOffice: 305.295.3904

Helpful Resources
Phone Number
Website Link
Wesley House

(305) 809-5000

Guidance Care Center

Key West: (305) 434-7660

Marathon: (305) 434-7660

Plantation Key: (305) 434-7660

Monroe County Clerk’s Office

Key West: (305) 292-3952

Marathon: (305) 289-6027

Plantation Key: (305) 852-7145


Public Defenders

Key West: (305) 295-3100

Marathon: (305)289-6015

Plantation Key: (305) 853-7410

Bond Studies

    • Email and
    • Must be submitted 5 (five) business days prior to hearing. This does not include the day submitted or weekends.

Pretrial Services Documents

NA-AA Verification Forms
RUA Info (Monroe and LabCorp)
Application for Criminal Indigent Status
2018 Pretrial Services Sixteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida Final Annual Report
PTS Brochure 2019