Random urinalysis for the presence of illicit drugs, alcohol, or both, is now required as a condition of your pretrial release conditions.

o   If required to undergo random urinalysis testing, you will receive a text notification from Pretrial Services the day before you are to appear for your test. Since you are testing outside of Monroe County, you can test on either the day you receive the text or on the day you are assigned.

o   When you receive the text notifying you of your random urinalysis test date, please click on the  CMG (Coe Management Group) link included in the text (External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://form.jotform.com/Coe_Management_Group/PRETRIALandPROBATION-FORM) to pay with a credit/debit card online (if unable to access CMG online, you can call them at 336-768-8104 and pay by telephone).

o   You must prepay through CMG before showing up for your random urinalysis test (Note: If you get notified on a Sunday for a Monday test, you will not be able to call CMG until Monday morning, since their hours are M-F 8am to 6pm).

o   Within an hour of prepaying for your test, you will receive both a Confirmation ID and a REGISTRATION NUMBER from CMG (If you paid but have not received a registration number within the hour, contact CMG at 336-768-8104).

o   You will need to pay and register through CMG each time you receive notification of an upcoming random urinalysis test and prepay before arriving at your testing site.

o   CMG, after processing your payment and inputting you into their system, will assign you a registration number you will need to present to LabCorp, the testing facility CMG uses for random urinalysis testing.

o   Go to External link opens in new tab or windowwww.labcorp.com before your assigned test date and enter your zip code to find the testing facility closest to you. Please make sure the lab you choose offers drug/alcohol testing and be sure to check the lab’s hours for testing before you go, since their testing hours may not be the same as the lab’s regular business hours.

o   Also, you need to bring a picture ID with you each time you go to LabCorp or you will not be able to test.


If you take any prescribed medications, please ask your pharmacist for a list of your current or active medications. You must then provide this list to your Pretrial Officer (External link opens in new tab or windowmanny.martinez@keyscourts.net or External link opens in new tab or windowtodd.lambertus@keyscourts.net ) or fax (305-295-3905).


As with any noncompliance, a FAILED/MISSED/OR DILUTED random urinalysis test may result in your re-arrest.


Any questions or issues, please email or call Scott Wiles at External link opens in new tab or windowscott.wiles@keyscourts.net or (305)295-3903.