Motion Calendar:

Hearings will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis by calling Tracey Reilly at 305-852-7155.

Counsel must provide the Court with a courtesy copy of the Motion/Petition and Notice of Hearing at least 5 days prior to the hearing.  Also, counsel must serve the opposing side a copy of the Motion/Petition and Notice of Hearing at least 5 days prior to the hearing.

Cancellation: Should any scheduled hearing become unnecessary, the scheduling party shall immediately cancel the hearing by contacting the Judicial Assistant at 305-852-7155 and is responsible for advising all interested parties that the hearing has been cancelled.

Telephonic Appearances:

Are allowed for hearings that are scheduled for 15 minutes or less, the parties may appear telephonically via CourtCall by calling 888-882-6878. If the parties have chosen to appear via court call, such should be indicated in the Notice of Hearing. Do not assume that you can appear telephonically, check with my office first.


Transmission of Proposed Orders:  Judges’ offices in the 16th Circuit are not yet connected to the e-portal.  As such, if you wish the court to receive a proposed order, please email same, in Word format, along with a copy of the motion to the court’s judicial assistant at Tracey.Reilly@keyscourts.net.  Any proposed orders that do not contain email addresses for all parties on the service list must be mailed to the judge’s office, along with copies to be conformed for all parties, as well as stamped, self-addressed envelopes for all parties to receive a conformed copy of the order(s).  If you have submitted a proposed order to the court via email, please do not send a hard copy in some other fashion, i.e., postal service, UPS, or FedEx.  If you do not receive a signed order within the time frame in which you believe it should have been signed, please DO NOT re-send, as this creates a situation wherein two or more orders may be entered, which will require the court to vacate one or more of them.  If you have not received a conformed copy of the proposed order submitted within 10 days of submission to the court, you may email your inquiry of same to Denise Moore, Probate Case Manager at Denise.Moore@keyscourts.net.

Do not wait until the day before closing to submit a Petition for Order Authorizing Sale of Real Property.

Petitions to Determine Homestead will be held pending any objections unless waivers are filed.