Law Day 2024

Law Day 2024

The 2024 Law Day theme “Voices of Democracy” recognizes that in democracies, the people rule. For nearly 250 years, Americans have expressed

their political views and wishes by speaking their minds and voting in elections. In 2024, the United States will hold its 60th presidential election,

and Americans will address fundamental questions about democracy and the rule of law.

Law Day, held annually on May 1, is a national day set aside to celebrate the rule of law.

Law Day provides an opportunity to understand how law and the legal process protect our liberty, strive to achieve justice, and contribute to the freedoms that all Americans share.


Law Day Theme is Provided by the American Bar Association

An annual theme is chosen by the American Bar Association to spotlight a particular aspect of law or the legal process and its impact on our daily lives


The 16th Judicial Circuit and the Monroe County Bar Association will be hosting two Law Day contests to celebrate Law Day, which is held on May 1, 2024.  We would like to encourage the students of Monroe County (kindergarten through 12th grade) to enter one of these Law Day contests.  It is imperative that our community youth understand our legal system because our nation will be in their hands soon. This year’s Law Day theme “Voices of Democracy” offers opportunities for student dialogue, learning, and sharing across a variety of audiences. In our modern and virtual world, it is easier than ever for our youth to express their thoughts in a creative way on social media platforms.


Contests include a Classroom Banner Contest for Kindergarten through 5th Grade and a Poster with Poetry Contest for grades 6th through 12th.  Banner paper is available on request. Entry deadline for these contests is Friday, April 19, 2024.   Winners will be announced Wednesday, May 1, 2024.


During our Law Day celebration we also welcome any classes wishing to visit one of the courthouses to stage a mock trial.  This event engages the students with the legal professionals of our community.  In this hands-on event, students will have the opportunity to act as a witness, judge, attorney, or juror in a real courtroom setting and to give the students the opportunity to discuss basic court procedures and elements of a trial.


We look forward to receiving entries from the students of Monroe County, FL and we will be displaying some of banners and posters in the hallways of our three courthouses in Monroe County.  


Should you have any further questions concerning the contest or about a mock trial please do not hesitate to contact Cheryl Alfonso at (305) 295-3652.



Registration Forms Below


2024 Law Day Banner Contest Registration and Guideline Form (one banner per class) for Grades Kindergarten through 5th

Law Day Banner Contest 2024 K-5.pdf


2024 Law Day Poetry and Poster Contest Registration and Guideline Form for Grades 6th through 12th

Law Day Poem&Poster Contest 2024 6-12.pdf