Honorable Mark H. Jones

Freeman Justice Center

302 Fleming St.

Key West, FL 33040


Office Phone number:  305-292-3422

Office Fax number: 305-292-3435


Judicial Assistant (JA): Devonna Alce

E-mail Address: devonna.alce@keyscourts.net


Civil Procedure


Motion Setting: All civil hearing scheduling is through the Judicial Assistant. Preferred method is via e-mail to include the case number, style, type of motion and time needed. The setting of a hearing requires availability of all counsel. Once given dates, you MUST reconfirm availability with the JA prior to noticing it for hearing.


Phone appearances for hearings: Non-evidentiary hearings of 15 minutes or less that are scheduled on an Open Motion Calendar (not specially set) are permitted to attend telephonically.  Judge Jones does not utilize Court Call so all counsel appearing telephonically will be required to conference onto one line prior to calling in for the hearing.  The JA will provide the call-in number based on location prior to the hearing.


Cover Letter / Proposed Orders:  Proposed orders are to be submitted through the e-portal with a corresponding cover letter indicating if opposing party/counsel agrees or objects to the entry of the order.  All proposed orders will need to be submitted in Word Format and with the correct DJMCA codes. If the order is not submitted in Word Format, it will not be entered and may be rejected without notice.


Emergency Motions: As stated above, the Judges’ offices do not receive e-filings.  If you file an emergency motion, you MUST then email a copy to the Judge’s JA for submission to Judge Jones and you MUST follow up with a phone call.  Do not assume the JA will see the email instantly.  



Criminal Procedures


Motion Setting: All criminal motions may be set through the JA via e-mail or phone.


Arraignment Hearings: If counsel has filed a Notice of Appearance, Written Plea of Not Guilty, and Waiver of Arraignment etc., both the Defendant and the attorney do not need to be present at the Arraignment hearing unless specifically noted on the Notice or previously in Court.


Pre-trial Conference (Docket Sounding): If you are private counsel and are unable to attend docket sounding you may find local coverage. Stipulations for Continuance are not typically accepted, however, upon extreme extenuating circumstances they may be submitted to Judge Jones for review. If time permits, pleas for Defendants at liberty may be taken at docket sounding.  Pleas for incarcerated Defendants have a corresponding plea date which will be given at the Pre-trial conference.