Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order AOSC 19-74 requires that all circuits implement a judicial filing system using each circuit’s judicial viewer. 

The Sixteenth Judicial Circuit will make this transition by December 1, 2021. 


This change will ONLY affect attorneys in the manner that proposed orders are submitted to judges in this circuit.  Changes to the submittal process for

proposed orders will happen in two phases.  The first phase will begin on December 1, 2021. 


Phase 1 – Proposed orders will continue to be submitted in Microsoft Word via email.  However, instead of the proposed order ending with the

words “done and ordered”, the proposed order will need to be submitted in DJMCA format.

DJMCA format allows the submitting party to indicate the location of the judge’s signature, the judge’s date, the judicial assistants’ signature, the date

the document is mailed, and the location of the service recipients within the proposed order.

Phase 2 – At a later date in 2022, the Sixteenth Circuit plans to implement the ability to submit proposed orders via the State’s E-Filing Portal.


The Judges of this Circuit appreciate your usage of electronic platforms to submit proposed orders.  We will work with you as we make this transition.

Download the Memo below for more details and examples of proposed orders in this new DJMCA format.


Download Memo

New Protocol for Submission of Proposed Orders.pdf