16th Judicial Circuit

Job Description


Job Title: Digital Court Reporter
Department:Court Reporting Services
Reports To:Manager, Electronic Digital Court Reporter
FLSA StatusIncluded
Prepared By:Cheryl Alfonso
Prepared Date:03/08/2013
Approved By:Holly Elomina
Approved Date:03/08/2013



The essential function of the position within the organization is to digitally record and transcribe court proceedings and hearings.   The position is responsible for digitally recording and annotating court proceedings and hearings; transcribing recordings; and performing research. The position works under direct supervision according to set procedures.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Monitors and annotates digitally recorded court proceedings while proceedings occur; annotates previously recorded, non-annotated court proceedings as required.
  • Transcribes digitally recorded court proceedings and hearings; proofreads, edits and prepares final copy of transcripts in compliance with applicable standards, regulations and statutes.
  • Processes approved transcript/CD/DVD orders; produces copies of court proceedings and hearings for attorneys, governmental personnel/agencies and the public.
  • Monitors audio quality; generates duplicate audio recordings of trials and court hearings, including notes to facilitate transcription.
  • Performs tests of digital court recording equipment located within courtrooms to ensure systems work properly prior to start of court proceedings; advises supervisor of improperly functioning equipment; changes out CD’s/DVD’s containing a daily record of courtroom proceedings, securing recordings in designated area.
  • Enters and processes court orders/requests into the Transcript Tracking System for easy retrieval/reference; verifies court order information by conducting research, and makes necessary corrections.
  • Back up all courtroom proceedings to CD/DVD on a monthly basis to ensure preserving official records.


Data Responsibility:

Refers to information, knowledge, and conceptions obtained by observation, investigation, interpretation, visualization, and mental creation.  Data are intangible and include numbers, words, symbols, ideas, concepts, and oral verbalizations.


Compiles, transcribes, labels, stores, examines, or evaluates data or information and possibly recommends action based on results.

People Responsibility:

Refers to individuals who have contact with or are influenced by the position.


Provides assistance to people to achieve task completion.


Assets Responsibility:

Refers to the responsibility for achieving economies or preventing loss within the organization.


Requires minimum responsibility for only small quantities of low cost items or supplies where opportunities for achieving economies or preventing loss are negligible.


Mathematical Requirements:

Deals with quantities, magnitudes, and forms and their relationships and attributes by the use of numbers and symbols.

Uses addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; may compute ratios, rates, and percents.


Communications Requirements:

Involves the ability to read, write, and speak.


Reads scientific and technical journals, abstracts, financial reports, and legal documents; writes complex transcripts; prepares reports. Requires the accurate use of the English language, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Complexity of Work:

Addresses the analysis, initiative, ingenuity, creativity, and concentration required by the position and the presence of any unusual pressures.


Performs coordinating work involving guidelines and rules with constant problem solving; requires continuous, close attention for accurate results or frequent exposure to unusual pressure.

Impact of Decisions:

Refers to consequences such as damage to property, loss of data or property, exposure of the organization to legal liability, or injury or death to individuals.


Makes decisions with moderate impact - affects those in work unit.

Equipment Usage:

Refers to inanimate objects such as substances, materials, machines, tools, equipment, work aids, or products. A thing is tangible and has shape, form, and other physical characteristics.


Leads or handles machines, tools, equipment or work aids involving moderate latitude for judgment regarding attainment of a standard or in selecting appropriate items, such as digital recording equipment, computers, peripherals, or software programs such as word processing or custom applications.  Ability to type 55 words per minute.

Safety of Others

Refers to the responsibility for other people’s safety, either inherent in the job or to assure the safety of the general public.


Requires some responsibility for safety of others and/or for occasional enforcement of the standards of public safety.

Education and Experience Guidelines


Refers to job specific training and education that is recommended for entry into the position.  Additional relevant experience may substitute for the recommended educational level on a year-for-year basis.


High School diploma or GED and one year of college or vocational school education in office skills, computer operation or a closely related field.



Refers to the amount of related work experience that is recommended for entry into the position that would result in reasonable expectation that the person can perform the required tasks.  Additional relevant education may substitute for the recommended experience on a year-for-year basis, excluding supervisory experience.


Two years of related experience..


Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations Required:

Refers to professional, state, or federal licenses, certifications, or registrations required to enter the position.


Requires appropriate Digital Court Reporter certification as determined by State Courts System.