The court's Pretrial Services (PTS) Program screens defendants for consideration by the court for release prior to trial.  PTS interviews and investigates all defendants arrested in Monroe County and makes recommendations to the judiciary regarding release at all first appearances and bond reduction hearings.  The program also supervises defendants who have pretrial release conditions imposed by the court.  The defendant is required to comply with these conditions of the court, which are designed to insure the defendant's appearance at court hearings and to protect the physical safety of the community.  Such conditions include reporting to the program by phone or in person, submitting to drug testing, prohibiting contact with victims, etc.  PTS also administers a compliance/failure to appear unit and is responsible for monitoring the status of all pretrial defendants who remain incarcerated.  The program has twice been recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, for its enhancements.