The Sixteenth Judicial Circuit is seeking attorneys who are interested in serving as a Civil Traffic Infraction Hearing Officer (CTIHO) in Plantation Key, Marathon and Key West.
In accordance with Florida Statute § 318.34 and Florida Traffic Court Rule § 6.630(f)(g), all applicants must have completed or be willing to complete a 40-hour education and

training program approved by the Florida Supreme Court, as well as 4 hours of continuing legal education annually. Selected attorneys not currently qualified may satisfy the

40-hour training requirement by completing an approved Florida Supreme Court training manual and exercises provided by the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit, as well as

observations of traffic court proceedings and a “ride-along” with local law enforcement.   
Attorneys may apply to preside over cases in any or all geographic region(s) within the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit.  Each CTIHO selected must enter into a contract with the

Sixteenth Judicial Circuit, in which the CTIHO, among other things, agrees to accept compensation in accordance with the fee structure established by the Sixteenth Judicial

Circuit, which is currently $75.00 per hour.  CTIHO’s that contract with the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit are prohibited from practicing law before the civil and criminal traffic courts

in the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit while under contract to provide these services.
Pursuant to Florida Statute § 448.095(2)(a), every public employer, contractor and sub-contractor must register with and use the United States Department of Homeland

Security’s E-verify system to verify the employment eligibility of all new employees hired during the term of the contract for which the contractor is providing services to the

Sixteenth Judicial Circuit.  If the contractor is unable to register with the E-verify system because they are a sole proprietor with no employees, then the contractor must complete

a registration waiver affidavit certifying the reason for non-registration.  Prior to commencing services under the contract, a copy of the E-verify registration or waiver must be

submitted to the Court.  More information regarding these requirements can be located at External link opens in new tab or
An applicant must be a citizen of the United States, eligible for service under Article II, Section 5 of the Florida Constitution, and also take the oath of office upon selection as a

Civil Traffic Infraction Hearing Officer.  The Sixteenth Judicial Circuit will conduct a law enforcement records check on all selected applicants.  The Sixteenth Judicial Circuit will

select CTIHO’s based on a completed application, completion of the 40-hour course or the attestation of the willingness to complete the course and from the best-qualified

applicants as determined by the Circuit.  Not all applicants will be selected to provide services for the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit and the number selected will be based on the

needs of the Circuit.
If you are interested in being considered for appointment, please submit the following:

  • Completed Civil Traffic Infraction Hearing Officer Application
  • Résumé

The application is available for download below.
Please submit all of the above documentation by Friday, April 23, 2021, to:

Holly Elomina, Trial Court Administrator

Sixteenth Judicial Circuit

302 Fleming Street

Key West, FL  33040


If you have any questions regarding the application, please do not hesitate to contact me at (305) 292-3423.